• The DaVinci Surgical Robot

    The da Vinci robot has been linked to serious injuries and severe complications including burn injuries, tissue damage, reproductive system damage, blood vessel injuries, bowel and intestinal injuries, urinary tract damage or nerve and muscle damage.

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The injuries that can follow from a malfunctioning da Vinci surgical robot can be extreme and life-threatening. If a defective surgical device has harmed you or your loved one, it is important to contact an experienced Robotic Surgery attorney immediately to protect your legal rights.

Although lawsuits against Intuitive Surgical and scientific research have uncovered a number of potential hazards linked to the da Vinci surgical robot, hospitals continue to advertise robotic surgery strongly. Critics charge that, by failing to mention the risks of complications from robotic surgery, hospital advertising is “misleading to outright dishonest.”

Because hospitals and the medical equipment industry are unwilling to discuss openly the risks from robotic surgery, it takes careful attention to reports in medical journals and newspapers—and lawsuit filings—to compile a list of the most common injuries. As you would expect, most of the surgical complications follow hysterectomy and prostate surgery procedures, the common da Vinci robot operations.  Surgical complications can include burn injuries, tissue damage, reproductive system damage, blood vessel injuries, bowel and intestinal injuries, urinary tract damage, nerve and muscle damage or even death.

Getting a fair recovery for Da Vinci surgical complications

You may have a wrongful death claim if a close relative died as a result of a surgical accident involving a Da Vinci robot. If you suffered surgical burns or other injuries during your own operation, you may be able to recover compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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